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Use Films About Addiction & Recovery to Generate Powerful, Transformative Moments That Can Lead to Lasting Change

Ideal for mutual support meetings, group sessions, therapeutic interventions, or individual self-study

An easy, fully-customizable plug-and-play meeting format for Residential / PHP / IOP Programs, Recovery Community Organizations, Sober /Re-Entry Homes, etc. 


12-STEP Friendly

"The Recovery Movie Meet-Ups program has proven to be educational and inspirational for our clients. The Workbook guides thought-provoking discussions that are really entertaining and cathartic. Our meetings are very successful and well-attended."


Bonnie Kimpling, CADC, CODP, CTP

Above & Beyond Family Recovery Center


No Certifications Needed

"This is a rare morsel of inside knowledge, from one who knows, about a topic that runs ike an underground theme through many films, but only recently has become a subject of public acknowledgement..."


Dr. Gabor Maté

NY Times Bestselling Author

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts 


SMART Recovery Compatible

"This workbook and popcorn are all you need to produce an entertaining and educational evening or weekend at your treatment facility..."

Dr. Joe Gerstein, MD, FACP

Harvard Medical School Faculty

Co-Founder SMART Recovery


No Training Required

"This program is a great tool to help residential or outpatient treatment centers, community centers, and sober homes create new high impact mutual support meetings that could really become a turning point for people."


A. Tom Horvath, PhD, ABPP

President, Practical Recovery





Use the RECOVERY MOVIE MEETUPs Workbook, featuring analysis of the Top-20 Films about Addiction & Recovery including Synopses, Movie Trivia, Character Breakdowns, and Powerful Questionnaires designed to increase participant engagement, interaction, and commitment.


  • Choose a meeting Host/Facilitator and a commons area with a TV

  • Distribute the Workbook to all meeting participants

  • Rent or buy films from Amazon Video / iTunes / Google to play on a streaming device or Smart TV

  • Screen the films about addiction & recovery in group, or have clients watch them on their own time to discuss later in-person, or online (via Zoom, etc.)

  • Using the Workbook's questionnaires, discuss what the story and themes of the film can teach participants about the nature of addiction

  • Examine how and why the characters in the film succeeded or failed in their recovery

  • Participants then write out longer answers to the questionnaires as "homework" - and then share those answers with others at subsequent meetings  

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Advisory Committee

The Recovery Movie MeetupsTM Program is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of review and oversight by licensed therapists, clinicians, researchers, and other leaders in the addiction & recovery field

We are proud to have the following recovery professionals on our Technical Advisory Committee

A. Tom Horvath, PhD, ABPP
President, Practical Recovery
Co-Founder and Former President of SMART Recovery USA 

John De Miranda, Ed.M
Former Executive Director, National Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC)
President & CEO, Peninsula Health Concepts

Dan Hostetler, M.A., CADC, CODP I
Chief Executive Officer, Above & Beyond Family Recovery Center


Dr. Joe Gerstein, MD, FACP
Harvard Medical School Faculty (Retired)
Co-Founder of SMART Recovery USA

Bonnie Kimpling, CADC, CODP, CTP

Senior Counselor / Recovery Movie Meetups Facilitator

Above & Beyond Family Recovery Center

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All Proceeds from RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UPTM Workbook sales go to RECOVERY TV, a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization Incorporated in the State of California which is dedicated to making successful recovery available through whatever means necessary to the greatest number of individuals as possible. 

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All proceeds go to making free Workbooks available to those facing economic uncertainty and are100% Tax Deductible

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