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Recovery Movie MeetupsTM 

In addition to the Program Licensees facilities and staff remaining HIPAA-compliant at all times, all RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UPs meeting Participants should (guided and supported by each meeting Facilitator) strive to adhere to the following Best Practices whenever possible:

Respect: Honor each Participant's journey and perspective by maintaining a respectful and nonjudgmental atmosphere.

Confidentiality: What is shared in the meeting stays within the facility walls to ensure trust and confidentiality among Participants.

Listening: Participants shall practice active listening, giving each Participant their full attention without interruption.

Sharing: Participants are encouraged to share their experiences honestly and openly, while also being mindful of the time to allow everyone the opportunity to contribute.

Empathy: Participants are to offer support and empathy to fellow Participants, recognizing the challenges they may face in their recovery journey.


Feedback: Constructive feedback is welcome, but it should always be offered with compassion and understanding.


Self-care: Encourage Participants to prioritize their own well-being and to seek support outside of the meeting if needed.


Language: Use respectful and inclusive language, avoiding stigmatizing or derogatory terms.

Honesty: Encourage Participants to be honest with themselves and others, acknowledging both their successes and struggles in recovery.

Support: Offer encouragement, hope, and solidarity to one another, knowing that together, Participants are stronger.

- - - - - 

RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UPs are conducted at the sole discretion and complete responsibility of Program Licensees, and they are fully responsible for the safety of all the Participants involved.

No portion of the Workbook may be photocopied, scanned, or otherwise reproduced and distributed in any way outside of a Licensed Facility. Violators will be subject to revocation of their Program License and may incur applicable legal penalties for copyright infringement. 

Recovery TV, LLC assumes no legal liability for the conduct of its Program Licensees in connection with the planning and execution of the RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UPs meetings under their control and held in their facilities.

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