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RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UPs in association with Amazon Video wants to offer you...

A Free Movie on Us!

What better way to see the power of RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UPs in action than to host a free recovery-themed movie screening at your facility?

Choose among these powerful titles featured in the RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UPs Program

Here's what you get:

- Amazon e-Gift Card you can redeem as credit towards your free movie rental on Amazon Video*
- RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UPs Worksheet Exercise PDF of your chosen movie that includes synopsis, character breakdowns, fun movie trivia, summary of the movie's relevance to successful recovery, fascinating thought experiments, and evocative questionnaires designed to guide your group discussions afterwards

* Requires an Amazon account, but you do not have to be a Prime member to rent and watch your movie on Amazon Video 

Get a Free Movie on Us!
And see for yourself how movies make mutual support meetings memorable

Just fill out this simple form to get your gift card to credit towards your movie rental and the Workbook Exercise to go along with it


Congratulations! We will email you everything you need to hold a free movie screening on us!

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