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How to Facilitate Powerful & Effective

They're easy to run, dynamic, interactive, highly therapeutic, and can really make a big impact on any client's successful recovery journey


STEP 1: The Why (2-3 Minutes)

Gather all participants in a commons area with a TV, introduce the RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UPs Program, and explain how they will use movies to:


Evaluate what the story and themes of a movie can teach them about the nature of addiction


Watch stories that may mirror how addiction has negatively impacted their life and the lives of those around them


Examine how and why the characters in the movies succeeded or failed in their recovery


-Become inspired to make desired changes necessary to live a happy, healthy, successful life free from addiction  

STEP 2: Give All Participants a Workbook (2 Minutes)

Have each participant put their name in the Workbook, along with their sober date, and contact information in case they misplace it


- This Workbook now becomes an important part of their recover capital - a treasured keepsake as emotionally symbolic as an AA chip or sobriety bracelet

-A Workbook full of thoughtfully completed questionnaires also becomes a resource the participant can refer back to at any time for inspiration

All Proceeds from RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UPTM Workbook sales go to RECOVERY TV, a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization Incorporated in the State of California which is dedicated to making successful recovery available through whatever means necessary to the greatest number of individuals as possible. 

STEP 3: Meet-and-Greet (10 Minutes) 

- Go around the room and have all participants do a quick check in if they wish


- A great ice-breaker is to ask each person what's their favorite movie of all time


A great follow-up question is to ask them whether they have a favorite movie about addiction and recovery


- Go around the room and have all participants introduce themselves if they wish


- A great ice-breaker is to ask each person what's their favorite movie of all time


A great follow-up question is to ask them whether they have a favorite movie about addiction and recovery

STEP 4: Introduce the Movie (5-10 Minutes)

- Using the Workbook as your guide, introduce the movie that will be screened in the meeting, and contextualize why it can be considered important in the exploration of addiction and recovery

Provide a brief synopsis, introduce the main characters, and get people engaged by sharing some fun movie trivia about the movie they're about to see


Most important of all, read out all the "Issues to Think About As You Watch the Movie" listed in the Workbook

- This helps participants to maximize their potential "take-aways" when they view the movie during the meeting


STEP 5: Watch the Movie (90-120 Minutes)

- The Facilitator may choose to pause the movie at certain points and solicit group feedback and assess their level of engagement 

- Some of the most teachable moments can come from re-watching key scenes as a way to highlight a particularly important story element or theme

- Depending on the needs of each facility and the time and frequency they can allocate to this kind of programming, Facilitators may choose to watch one movie split over two sessions  (great for IOP)


STEP 6: Open Discussion (30+ Minutes)

- Now the Facilitator invites the participants to delve into the discussion questions featured in the Workbook

- Inspired by Motivational Interviewing, the list of post-screening questionnaires have been shown to lead to powerful moments of group discussion and personal introspection

- The Workbook also invites participants to pose their own questions for deeper, more personal analysis of the movie the group has just screened

- Participants may answer all the questionnaires during the group session, or fill out answers later during their free time, then discuss them in the next meeting

Want to try it out for yourself?


Register to receive your free RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UPs Info Kit


- Brochure

- Quick Video Overview of Program

- Sample Workbook fully-branded with your facility logos and colors

- A free movie from our Program delivered to you on Amazon Video

- Workbook exercise for the movie you pick

- Free membership to our Film Series

- Discounted Program License Fee 


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"We've been having such a great time with Recovery Movie Meet Ups. We've shown 28 Days, Flight, and A Star is Born. Next week we’ll be showing The Lost Weekend. We're up to 10+ people participating and growing! We're also finding this useful as a means to get individuals engaged in outpatient. Our clients are absolutely loving this new approach to mutual support!"

Heather C. Peterson, MA Forensic Psychology
Licensed Addiction Counselor

Teocalli Treatment Options, LLC

DHHS Office of Behavioral Health Licensed Treatment Agency 

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