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Where to Find the Films From the Workbook That You'll Use in your Recovery Movie MeetupsTM 

  • You will  need to either buy or rent copies of the films you want to screen during your Meetups.

  • You can Buy or Rent the individual films on VOD (Video on Demand) at Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play Store, etc.

  • Since you will hold ongoing meetings, it is more cost effective to Buy the films instead of Renting them. The Airtable database (above) features links to the Amazon Video VOD purchase pages for each film, along with pricing information. The same titles can be located at iTunes, Google Play Store, etc.

  • Prices are generally identical across each VOD platform, but sometimes you can find lower prices for some films on the Airtable database.  

  • Most films are also available on DVDs as well, and you can find the Amazon Buy DVD links above.

  • If you purchase all the films from the Workbook, they will remain in your Amazon/iTunes/Google Play account and you will be able to screen the films at any location using either a browser, Amazon Firestick, Roku player, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or any other streaming device or Smart TV. 

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