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  • Won't showing films about people using drugs and alcohol cause triggers that could be counterproductive to a person's recovery?
    All of the films in the Recovery Movie Meetups program have been hand selected because they don't show gratuitous, consequence-free scenes of using. All of the films reinforce the message that drugs and alcohol addictions have negative consequences that can and will be overcome through a personal commitment to change. In fact, it is highly beneficial for people who watch these film to be triggered because there are trained counselors and therapists available to help them understand those triggers in real time, process them, and overcome them. The end result of this process is that individuals are then actually better able to overcome triggers in real life after the Recovery Movie Meetups.
  • Is there any cost to register and start to host a RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UP?
    No. There are no set-up fees or training fees or ongoing license fees of any kind. The only expenses you will incur is to buy copies of the Workbook, and to purchase the films to screen for participants. To place your workbook orders at wholesale prices on our online shop: Or, contact us at and we can take your order in person. Recover Movie Meetups accepts all major credits cards, Pay Pal, Apple Pay, checks or wire transfers from and U.S. banks. We can issue invoices regardless of the payment method used, and since Recovery Movie Meetups is part of Recovery TV, a 501c3 non-profit, all your workbook purchases can be tax deductible! Please see the FAQ below regarding costs to rent or buy films.
  • How do I find the films to use in the meetings, and what are the costs?
    Just go to the FIND THE FILMS page on this website, where you will see a database of all the films. You can sort the films by TITLE, DRUGS(S) OF CHOICE, or KEY ELEMENTS. You will need to either buy or rent copies of the films you want to show during your Meet-Up. You can purchase or rent the individual films at Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play Store, etc. Since you will hold ongoing meetings, it is more cost effective to buy the films on VOD (Video on Demand) instead of renting them. The FIND THE FILMS page features links to the Amazon Video purchase pages for each film, along with pricing information. The same titles can be located at iTunes, Google Play Store, etc. Prices are generally identical across each VOD platform, but sometimes you can find lower prices for some films. Prices generally run between $5.95 - $14.99 per title to buy, and $3.99 - $4.95 to rent. You can buy all of the films featured in the Workbook for around $250, and they they will remain in your Amazon/iTunes/Google Play account forever. You will be able to screen all 20 Recovery Movie Meet-Up films at any location using either a browser, Amazon Firestick, Roku player, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or any other streaming device. Alternatively, most films are also available on DVDs as well.
  • Even though training is not required, it is recommended. Why?
    The Workbook gives easy instructions on the basic mechanics of how a RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UP generally runs. These are: - Screen a film about addiction & recovery in group, or have clients watch it on their own time - Using the Workbook, meet to discuss what the story and themes of the film can teach participants about the nature of addiction - Examine how and why the characters in the film succeeded or failed in their recovery - Workbook includes Film Synopses, Movie Trivia, Character Breakdowns, and Questionnaires designed to provoke high levels of group interactivity and discussion However, to maximize the value of these meeting opportunities, it is recommended that you join our bi-Monthly Zoom training in order to get current on best practices, and answer any questions about how to generate the most positive outcomes.
  • Can't I just photocopy the pages from the Workbook and hand them out at my meeting?
    Photocopying is a copyright violation, and by registering for a RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UP you agree to adhere to our Best Practices. Our Best Practices can be reviewed here: That said, if your organization is a registered 501(c)(3) and you are experiencing financial hardship, please email us at and we can authorize you to make photocopies in selected cases. Please keep in mind that all proceeds from RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UP Workbook sales go to RECOVERY TV, a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization Incorporated in the State of California which is dedicated to making successful recovery available through whatever means necessary to the greatest number of individuals as possible.
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