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Donate to the Recovery Movie Meet-Ups Free Workbook Fund

All proceeds go to making free Workbooks available to those facing economic uncertainty

Donate Now

Help us provide the Recovery Movie Meet-Ups Workbook for free to those facing economic uncertainty...


Thank you for your donation!

Register with the Recovery Movie MeetupsTM Program to Receive


  • Wholesale rates on Workbook purchases at our STORE

  • Free 2 Hour Online Training (recommended, not required)

  • 2 ASAM Certified Continuing Education Credits

  • Film database to conveniently download any or all the movies

  • 365 Customer Support

  • Invitations to special online film screenings & premieres

  • eNewsletter with recovery-related essays, videos and tutorials

  • Organization profile page on our website & member directory (opt in)

  • Promotion of your facility through our YouTube channel and socials

All Proceeds from RECOVERY MOVIE MEET-UPTM Workbook sales go to RECOVERY TV, a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization Incorporated in the State of California which is dedicated to making successful recovery available through whatever means necessary to the greatest number of individuals as possible. 

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