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Why use Films in Mutual Support Meetings

  • Films can serve as a tool for raising awareness and increasing knowledge about addiction and recovery. They can help attendees understand the complexities of addiction and the challenges individuals face in overcoming it. Watching films can also help individuals in mutual support meetings gain insights into their own experiences and struggles with addiction.

  • Films can be a powerful tool for inspiring hope and motivation in those in recovery. Seeing others' success stories on screen can provide hope and encouragement to those who may be struggling to maintain sobriety. Films can also serve as a reminder of the benefits of recovery and the positive changes that can come with it.

  • Films can help break down barriers and stigma associated with addiction and recovery. By showing diverse and relatable portrayals of addiction and recovery, films can help reduce the shame and isolation that individuals in mutual support meetings may feel. This can create a more open and accepting environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their experiences.

  • Fourthly, films can serve as a catalyst for discussion and reflection in mutual support meetings. After watching a film, attendees can engage in meaningful and productive conversations about the themes and issues portrayed in the film. This can help individuals gain a deeper understanding of addiction and recovery and encourage them to apply what they have learned to their own lives.

  • Films can be a valuable tool for promoting self-reflection and personal growth in individuals in mutual support meetings. By watching characters struggle with addiction and recovery, attendees can gain insights into their own experiences and thought patterns. This can lead to greater self-awareness and help individuals identify areas where they need to focus their efforts in order to maintain sobriety.

  • Overall, the use of films about addiction and recovery can enhance the effectiveness of mutual support meetings by providing attendees with valuable insights, hope, motivation, and a more accepting and open environment.

Why the Workbook?

  • The Recovery Movie Meetups Workbook leverages the main techniques of Motivational Interviewing (MI), a therapeutic approach that aims to help addicted individuals resolve ambivalence and make positive behavioral changes. These are: Open Questions, Affirmations, Reflections, Summarizing, and Change Language.

  • MI has become an increasingly common approach in addiction treatment programs, with many treatment providers and organizations incorporating it into their services. In 2015, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) included MI in its Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) on substance use disorders.


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