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The Fentanyl Project Photo with copy.jpg

Invite your community to meet a brave storyteller and change maker who confronted and exposed a sinister hidden killer living in plain site: Fentanyl-laced medications that teens take everyday, unaware they're playing Russian Roulette with their lives.

Choose from one of these options:


- Complete Performance License within the institution in perpetuity

- DVD Copy and Download Link




- Complete Performance License and copy of the movie

- Movie's producer/director KT CURRAN hosting a 1 hour post-screening Q&A

- Direct assistance and support from the filmmakers with marketing, promotion, and social media outreach to boost attendance and garner local press coverage

Via ZOOM: $1,000

IN-PERSON: $4,500-$6,500

(Depending on facility size and/or non-profit status)

KT Curran is an award-winning director and filmmaker with numerous internationally published films and plays that have inspired millions across the world.  She is the Founder and Director of Wingspan Productions.

Winner of BEST FEATURE FILM at Lady Filmmaker's Film Festival  in Los Angeles, BEST FEATURE FILM at the Fort Myers Film Festival, MOST INSPIRATIONAL FILM at the Orlando Film Festival, BEST FLORIDA FEATURE at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, and the Audience Award for BEST FEATURE at the Sarasota Film Festival, along with Sarasota Magazine's 2020 Unity Award for creating initiatives that unify and unite our community, and recipient of the 2019 Women in Power Award by the National Council of Jewish Women, KT has worked extensively as a playwright, educator, director, educational curriculum developer, consultant for the public schools, and national consultant on educational theatre and film.


KT’s work has received national prominence and been featured in film festivals across the US, Canada, France, and Russia, as well as on television and the internet. She is the writer/director of the new feature film, BRIDGE TO THE OTHER SIDE, now streaming on multiple streaming channels worldwide;  THE FENTANYL PROJECT, screening on WEDU PBS and other PBS stations nationwide, and SURVIVING LUNCH (, an internationally acclaimed film about bullying that is streaming on Amazon Prime.


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