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Taylor Duerr flatline overdosed on heroin numerous times, but found the courage and strength to battle his demons, pursue a successful boxing career, and can now share his inspirational story of powerful resilience with your recovery community.

Choose from one of these options:


- Complete Performance License within the institution in perpetuity

- DVD Copy and Download Link




- For personal use only

- Agree not to exhibit publicly




- Complete Performance License and copy of the movie

- Movie's star Taylor Duerr or Director Mike Ramsdell hosting a 1 hour post-screening Q&A

- Direct assistance and support from the filmmakers with marketing, promotion, and social media outreach to boost attendance and garner local press coverage

Via ZOOM: $1,000

IN-PERSON: $4,500-$6,500

(Depending on facility size and/or non-profit status)


Taylor Duerr is the #14th ranked cruiser-weight boxer in the world—a loving son, a loving father, and a motivated fighter.


He also struggles with heroin addiction.  He has OD’d four times, having relapsed multiple times in just the past few years.


His objective is clear—win the WBC title. But will his fight outside the ring prevent him from realizing his potential within it?

We Can Be Heroes is a film documenting Taylor Duerr’s preparation for an NABF title fight. Over the course of a year, Under the Hood Productions filmmakers follow Taylor Duerr as he trains to face Lyubomyr Pinchuk at the Motor City Casino in Detroit, MI.


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