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Some people take up a new hobby after they get sober, others decide to swim 25 miles in near-total darkness. Invite your participants to hear the inspirational story of a man who pushed all the limits to get sober and reinvent himself as an ultra-marathon swimmer. 

Choose from one of these options:


- Complete Performance License within the institution in perpetuity

- DVD Copy and Download Link





- Complete Performance License and copy of the movie

- Movie's producer/director BEN TUFF hosting a 1 hour post-screening Q&A

- Direct assistance and support from the filmmakers with marketing, promotion, and social media outreach to boost attendance and garner local press coverage

Via ZOOM: $1,000

IN-PERSON: $4,500-$6,500

(Depending on facility size and/or non-profit status)

Ben is a lifelong educator and has had the privilege of working with hundreds of boarding students from across the world. But he also had a problem few people knew about. 

In 2012, Ben made the life-altering decision to break free of the hold that the addiction to alcohol had on him. Despite not knowing how to swim, the sport of triathlon arrived quickly in his life. After seven years of competitive triathlon, Ben made the switch to marathon swimming. After many crossings from Newport, RI to Jamestown, RI on Save the Bay Swims, Ben throttled it up with the 12.5 Mile FKCC Swim Around Key West. After that, he couldn’t stop and completed a 21-mile swim around Jamestown, a 19-mile swim from Block Island to Jamestown, and most recently swimming the length of Narragansett Bay by swimming 24 miles from Providence, RI to Jamestown, RI.

Esteemed producer, Matt Corliss, chronicled Ben’s journey to sobriety and the parallels of his recent swim. The film, “Swim Tuff: How I Swam my Way Out of the Bottle” has been warmly received in film festivals around the country.


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